Order Your Medication

We do not accept medication requests by email or telephone.

Please allow 3 working days for your medication to be processed.

We have a 28 day prescribing policy. You can read more about this here.

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You can request your prescription:


There are a few ways you can order your prescriptions online (select an option to find out more):

Click the icon above to access the service

SystmOnline is a website and app which allows patients to view their electronic medical record as well as providing other features such as appointment management or ordering repeat prescriptions.

Click the icon above to access the service

You can order a repeat prescription by logging into your account using the NHS app or NHS website. If you’re asked to nominate a pharmacy, you can only nominate a high street pharmacy.

Click the icon above to access the service

Our online consultation tool to connect directly with the practice

You can register as a carer if you are ordering prescriptions on behalf of someone else.

Repeat Prescription Paper Slip

If you have paper prescriptions, the GREEN slip is the actual prescription which you give to the pharmacist to obtain your medication. The WHITE side shows the list of drugs that you can order as repeat issues. We also call this the repeat re-order form. Please keep this as you need it to order more medication. To order more medication:

Please mark only those items that you need by ticking each item on the WHITE SLIP within 7 days of running out. Do not tick items that you do not need.

Hospital Medications

If you have seen a hospital specialist and they have recommended a course of treatment, this will not be actioned until your doctor has received a letter from the hospital specialist.

If the hospital specialist deems that you need to start a medication immediately, the specialist will provide you with a prescription at your outpatient appointment.

Over The Counter Medications

We are unable to provide prescriptions for medications which can be purchased easily over the counter, for example antihistamines, cough medicines, simple pain relief and simple reflux treatment. You can find more information abut he NHS England policy here.

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