MMR Vaccine

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Travelling Abroad this Summer

It is especially important to check you are up-to-date with your 2 doses of MMR before you travel. Not only would it be unpleasant to become ill whilst abroad, but you may risk bringing the infection back with you and exposing your family and friends.

Anyone who has not had 2 doses of the MMR vaccine can contact their GP surgery to book an appointment. It is never too late to catch-up.

It’s important to check you’ve had both doses if you:

  • are about to start college or university
  • are going to travel abroad
  • are planning a pregnancy
  • are a frontline health or social care worker

Why you should have the MMR vaccine

You should have the vaccine to protect yourself against 3 serious infections. By doing so you will also help to protect others who can’t have the vaccine. These include unborn babies, infants who are too young to have the vaccine and children or adults who can’t have the vaccine because they have weakened immune systems.

You should also have the vaccine if you work with young children or care for people as part of your work. Passing on measles to children who are too young to have the MMR vaccine or to someone who is already ill, can have very serious consequences for their health.

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